2500 Pound Capacity

Stocked Sizes

42  x  46 3 Channel

42  x  52 3 Channel

48  x  46 3 Channel

Exclusive Sales Team for ITC Manufacturing - The leading supplier of Wire Decking to the Material Handling Industry.

Made in the USA in our Phoenix, AZ and Columbus, OH manufacturing plants.

Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, ITC is the premier manufacturer of wire mesh products for the material handling and storage products industries. As one of the largest wire and steel fabricators in the United States, ITC manufactures a wide range of wire products including heavy and light duty wire mesh decking, dividers and flue spacers, gridwall/slatwall, POP displays, industrial and specialty drawn wire, custom wire and steel products, mine mesh, re-enforcing mesh, laser cutting, fencing and roll formed products. In addition, ITC offers value-added services such as product design and engineering to meet the needs of distributors, mass merchants, retailers, archive storage providers, OEM’s and third-party logistics providers.

ITC’s diverse customer base includes leading national chains such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, IKEA, and a network of more than 2,500 distributors. With over 900,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution facilities strategically located in both the Western and Eastern halves of the United States, ITC services the U.S., Mexico and Canada. All ITC products are manufactured in the U.S., assuring the highest quality standards available in the industry.

Drake Metals covers the Northeast Territory for ITC Manufacturing.  We work with Distributors,  Warehouse System Integrators, and Retailers to design the perfect solution for wire deck and wire deck accessory needs.


For Rivet Shelving

Stocked Sizes

18  x  48

24  x  48

36  x  48

48  x  48


Inside Waterfall

Structural Clips/ Angle Iron

Heavy Duty Applications

Upturned Rear Waterfall

Flat Flush No Waterfall

Flat Flush with Waterfall

Angled Waterfall

Inverted Channel


Product is easily separated with ITC's Standing and Hanging Dividers.  They fit into rack bays securely and tightly whether your application calls for front to back or side to side separation.

Hanging Divider - Hook onto the decking above and fit securely into the decking in the rack below.  They are easily installed and can be customized to fit any application

Standing Divider - Have dual attachment clips and a tension wire to insure rigidity and a tight fight.  They can be any length and up to a height of 20".

Flue Spacers - accommodates fire codes and can be used as a backstop on the wire decks.  Fire codes vary by city and state.  Several styles are available.


      2500 Pound Capacity

    Stocked Sizes

 24  x  46  3  Channel

36  x  46  3  Channel

36  x  52  3  Channel

42  x  46  3  Channel

42  x  52  3  Channel

42  x  58  3  Channel

44  x  46  3  Channel

44  x  52  3  Channel

48  x  46  3  Channel

48  x 52  3  Channel